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The Cancelled Royals Game, What Happened?

Glasgow Rocks were due to start their BBL Championship campaign with an away game against London City Royals at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre on Saturday the 7th of December. However on the morning of the game London City Royals decided to cancel which has sparked outrage in the British basketball world with several people voicing their disappointment in the team and the league.

The now retired Glasgow Rocks captain Kieron Achara said, "Postponed for injury and illness? This is not some recreational league, it’s supposed to be our professional league. Let’s all get around a table and talk about what needs to be done and how we will achieve it."

Retired British basketball star Drew Sullivan is calling for the BBL to "Hand out a suitable fine as well as cover the Glasgow Rocks travel costs." Adding that "Anything less then they are sending out a clear message that the league in of itself is a joke. I feel bad for the traveling fans and players"

Glasgow Rocks have released an official statement on the matter saying they "Were advised of the cancellation by the BBL less than 10 hours before the scheduled tip-off time." and are "Extremely disappointed by the cancellation and will be formally writing to the BBL to express their disappointment and to seek the appropriate action in relation to the Championship points related to the cancelled fixture and the recovery of associated travel costs."

As of yet no further updates have been provided but will be in due course.